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So I tried Google Bard…

This article was written by Google Bard with the prompt “write a blog post on the importance of zero trust”.  Pretty neat but I really do question the ethics around using AI for media/publication generation.  Anyways here is what Bard gave me: Zero trust is a security model that assumes that no device, user, or service should be trusted by default. Instead, every request for access to a system or data should be verified and authenticated. Zero trust is based on the principle of "never trust, always verify." This means that organizations should never assume that any user or device is safe, even if they are inside the network perimeter. Instead, they should always verify the identity of each user and device before granting access to any resources. Zero trust is a critical security model for organizations that operate in today's digital world. The traditional security model of "trust but verify" is no longer effective in the face of modern threats. Zero trust helps

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